Children's Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Children's gift baskets are great fun to put together. In fact, it's almost as much fun to give them as it is for kids to get them. Let your inner child have a good time with it!

Costumes and dress-up items are good themes for children's gift baskets. A magic wand, a tiara, and some fairy wings will delight any little girl. For a boy, put a knight's helmet in the center, then surround with blocks to build a castle and toy knights to fight his battles.

Bath items are also fun for children's gift baskets. Start with a towel and washcloth set of Shrek, Elmo, or the child's favorite licensed character. Put in some soap crayons that let kids write on themselves or the walls and then rinse it right off. Buckets, sieves and boats are always popular, and don't forget the rubber duck.

Children's Gift Baskets for Holidays

Easter isn't the only holiday when baskets are appropriate. For Valentine's Day, fill a basket with candy hearts, decorated cookies, maybe some wax lips. For the Fourth of July, give them whirligigs, red, white and blue jelly beans, and some streamers for the handlebars of their bikes. For Halloween, surround a stuffed black cat with gummy worms, candy eyeballs and decorated pumpkin and ghost cookies. Of course, you could give a child a gift basket for no reason at all, and declare it "David Day" or "Amber Day."

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