Chocolate Lovers Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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The only real criterion for buying gifts for chocolate lovers is that they be, well, chocolate. You could present a bouquet of chocolate roses, or the traditional boxed chocolates. Perhaps, though, you'd like to do something a little less usual.

Gift Baskets for Chocolate Lovers

One idea would be to fill a basket with chocolate things that are not cookies, cakes, or candies. Chocolate-flavored coffee would be one example, and a bottle of Godiva or other chocolate-flavored liqueur. Things dipped in chocolate, such as pretzels or fruits, would offer another variation.

How about a prince-and-pauper basket? Fill one half with Godiva, Ghiradelli and other premium chocolates, and the other half with M&Ms, Tootsie Rolls and other drugstore candies. You can even create a chocolate basket in which none of the items are food. There are chocolate-scented candles, soaps, shampoos and lotions. Books and calendars about chocolate are easy to find, and make handsome gifts.

There is one caveat: if you are buying a brand you aren't familiar with, no matter how expensive, try before you buy. There is some very nasty cheap chocolate out there--those chocolate roses are a prime offender--but even expensive chocolates can be off in flavor. A friend of mine got a gorgeous little box of what were obviously very upscale chocolates for his birthday last year, and generously offered me one. They were bad, really bad. And there's nothing more disappointing to a chocoholic than bad chocolate!

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