Christmas Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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This year, instead of dashing off to the mall to buy sweaters, slippers and scarves, why not put together some gift baskets that will do double duty? They'll keep you out of the frenzy and show your recipients that you were thinking of them specifically, not shopping in bulk. A few moments of thought will give you lots of ideas for personalized gifts.

If you know a young couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together, they probably don't have all the Christmas decorations that people collect over the years. Choose a basket that is durable and decorative in itself, then fill it with ornaments for their tree. You might want to include one personalized ornament commemorating their first celebration together.

If your best friend recently moved from New Hampshire to Florida or SoCal, let it snow! Fill the bed of a shallow basket with cotton, center it with a snow globe, then pack it with boxes of Sno-caps, Hostess Snowballs and marshmallow snowmen. Don't forget a CD of seasonal music such as "Winter Wonderland."

Order Christmas Gift Baskets Online

For the ultimate of ease in Christmas shopping, go online to find an interesting gift basket from one of the many sites that offer them. In addition to baskets for sports fans, coffee lovers and chocoholics, many offer things such as cookie bouquets that can have a personalized message. Gift baskets are extremely popular, so it's much easier than it used to be to find one that shows the recipient that you picked it out especially for him or her.

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