College Graduation Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Not everybody is lucky enough to go to college. Even fewer people are able to finish and celebrate their graduations. If you know people who are graduating, let them know how important they are and reward them for all their hard work. After all, if college were easy to get through, everybody would do it.

The best graduation gifts are ones that are remembered. They don't necessarily have to be tangible things. If you can afford to send somebody on a trip, for example, he or she will still have all the memories of an adventure away from home. Vacations are quite justified after finishing school. If you do want to give something tangible, keepsake pen and pencil sets or briefcases are ideal for people starting their careers.

Career-Oriented Gifts

You could also give something that's specific for each of their careers, such as software for a writer or a digital tape recorder for a journalist. Doctors and scientists will appreciate lab coats, while a camera would be well received by a budding filmmaker. Look around the Web and you're sure to come up with many more ideas.

If you're close to the recipient, you might want to give something more sentimental. Expressing your thoughts in a message in a bottle is quite the unique gift. It's sure to be noticed by the graduate and everybody at his or her party. The packaging and presentation are just as important as the message itself, and your recipient will have a fun time opening it. So if you're stuck for ideas, just get a little bit creative and see what you can do.

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