Commitment Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Commitment rings can be exchanged by couples in a romantic context, or they can be given from one person to another any time a promise is made. While some rings, particularly some vintage styles, are sold explicitly as commitment rings or promise rings, any ring can serve as a commitment ring if you choose to confer that significance upon it. There are beautiful rings to suit any budget, ranging from the simplest of silver and gold bands to elaborate settings of precious gems in platinum, white gold, and yellow or rose gold.

Commitment Rings in Romantic Relationships

Many same-sex couples have commitment ceremonies, since the federal government has thus far not chosen to legalize gay marriage. They may choose to exchange traditional wedding bands, or to use their rings as an expression of pride in their lifestyle. Rainbow crystal or gemstone rings are particularly popular as commitment rings for same-sex couples--some of the loveliest styles are channel settings of small identically cut stones in rainbow order, though bolder and chunkier settings are also available.

Other couples, including but not limited to same-sex pairs, may choose to enter a long-term monogamous relationship without getting married for any number of reasons. They may exchange rings both as a symbol of that commitment to each other and as a traditional way to let others know they are taken. There is no reason these couples should not wear simple wedding bands, but often their more independent or non-traditional spirit shows through in the rings they choose to wear. Any ring worn on the left hand ring finger will signal to others that you're in love, and a large Art Deco style sapphire surrounded with diamonds can do so while expressing your fashion sense, as well.

There is also a growing trend for young people and teens to wear commitment rings if they have made promises to engage in (or not engage in) certain behaviors. Typically, not having sex before marriage, and not doing drugs or drinking are the issues in question--perhaps in a spiritual context, or perhaps as a deal with their parents. Children can choose a ring with their parents as a symbol of their commitment to these values. They may choose a ring engraved with a particular Bible verse, or just a ring that they like which will always remind them of their promises.

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