Cookie Bouquets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Suddenly, cookie bouquets are all over the Internet. Cut in unusual shapes and elaborately decorated, these cookies can say Happy Birthday, Be My Valentine, Season's Greetings, I'm Sorry, Congratulations or any message you specify. They also come in themes appropriate for sports fans, small children, gardeners, dentists and just about anyone else you can think of.

Instead of sending flowers to a new mother, for instance, consider one of these cookie bouquets available online. A collection of star-shaped cookies proclaims "A Star is Born." Other bouquets display cookies shaped like rattles, baby bottles, tiny feet and teddy bears.

Want to express your appreciation to someone? Cookies shaped like dollar signs say, "Thanks a million." Cookies shaped like musical instruments offer "A note of thanks." One clever bouquet has cookies shaped like coffee cups: "Thanks a latte." There are also cookie bouquets designed for office situations, with computers, cell phones, legal pads and graphs.

Cookie Bouquets for Every Occasion

There are cookie bouquets available for every holiday you can think of, including Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day. You can send cookie bouquets for weddings or showers, as get-well messages and congratulations. Choose apple or pencil shaped cookies for the teacher, a caduceus for your favorite doctor, and balloons, trains or ballet slippers for your favorite kid. After all, can you think of anyone who doesn't like cookies?

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