Corporate Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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People often have trouble purchasing corporate gifts that are appropriate for business relationships yet personal enough to look like they were carefully chosen. Obviously, the better you know the person, the easier it is to choose a gift. One way to be safe and avoid any chance of offending people is to give everybody the same gift.

Mixing Business with Personalities

Online stores often have volume discounts when you buy corporate gifts. Often the gifts can be engraved or personalized in some way. Either you can put your company logo on them or include a special message or have the gift engraved with the person's name. Buying in volume will save money for your company while personalizing the gifts shows that you really care.

Your recipients will most appreciate gifts that demonstrate how willing you are to think creatively. Even if you buy the same gift for your whole staff, if the gift fits with your corporate culture and your recipients' personalities, you will win their favor. Accept the challenge of finding something that nobody else will be giving this holiday season. Coming up with ideas is part of the fun!

Fortunately, shopping online saves time as well. You won't have to keep your assistant busy wrapping gifts by hand when you shop online. Many companies ship their products in special packaging and some will even include gift wrapping or greeting cards. Hand woven baskets or special wooden boxes, for example, add a classy touch to the gifts and serve as extra gifts themselves. They have a practical use after the contents are finished or used elsewhere, making them even more alluring.

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