Crystal Jewel Boxes

Written by Serena Berger
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If you are giving someone a special piece of jewelry, you should consider getting a special box in which he or she can keep the piece. It's the kind of perfect crowning touch that few people think of, and which will be remembered and remarked upon fondly for years to come. Women use anything from fishing tackle boxes to apothecary style chests to keep most of their jewelry safe and separated, but a really special ring, necklace or pair of earrings deserves its own special box.

Furthermore, if you're giving a gift, the box itself can already seem like a gift. If you put an engagement ring inside an exquisite crystal jewel box and wrap it up, the recipient will probably be elated just to see the box, and assume there's nothing in it. Then you can casually say, "Look inside," and she'll be all the more amazed to find the ring you want to give her.

Beautiful Tiny Crystal Jewel Boxes

Some crystal jewel boxes are only large enough to hold one ring or pendant. Others are big enough to hold a couple of pieces, but in general, the key concept here is small, dainty, and delicate. Cloisonné, enamel, and porcelain are crafted into miniature masterpieces, and can be accented with crystals, or even gemstones.

Floral motifs are relatively common, and often particularly feminine and lovely. You can also find more eclectic designs if you want a jewel box that will command immediate attention and curiosity. For example, you could get a small peacock with elaborately detailed tail feathers, each with a tiny crystal at the center of the iridescent circle in the pattern.

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