Digital Camera Review

Written by Scott Martin
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Whether you're shopping for a photography aficionado, or whether you're simply giving the gift of shared photos, a digital camera is a great gift. You'll want to conduct you're own digital camera review before buying, though. Once you see the features and prices of several popular cameras, you'll have enough information to make a decision.

What to Look for in Your Digital Camera Review

When shopping for digital cameras, you'll want to pay close attention to the features they provide. Your digital camera review should include the features that are most important to you, so that you can compare across models. Price matters, but when you're talking about quality technology, there are other features that matter, as well.

Make sure that your digital camera has enough pixel capacity. Think of pixels as the dots on your television screen. The more pixels there are, the sharper the picture comes across.

Another thing to look at is ease of use. Does it come with memory sticks, and how many pictures does each hold? How much zoom capacity does the camera provide? How easy is it to transfer pictures onto your computer? Some cameras will do so in under a minute, while others might have more complex procedures. Keep these things in mind while doing your digital camera shopping comparison.

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