Dinner Bells

Written by Michael Federico
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Dinner bells are not used by the majority of people in America. They are more closely linked to a time other than our own. A ringing bell would call cowboys in from the trail, or it would alert people throughout a large antebellum home when tea was being served. Today, people generally will only employ the use of a dinner bell at theme parties or on special occasions.

There are a number of bells that are designed specifically for certain types of affairs. An outdoor picnic or barbecue can benefit from the use of a rustic dinner bell, designed to reflect those that were used in the Old West. For intimate indoor affairs there are glass dinner bells that ring lightly and melodically. There are sets of bells that produce different tones. Each one is meant to signify something specific such as dinner, tea, or dessert.

Decorative Dinner Bells

Most collectible dinner bells are not designed to actually be used on a regular basis. They are more for show than anything else. There are highly finished brass bells with wooden handles, glass and crystal bells, and even ceramic bells that do not ring. These bells can be decorated and shaped in a number of different styles. Some are engraved, some are painted on, and some glass bells are frosted.

There are craft bells that are made to look like the Liberty Bell or the bells of Notre Dame. There are also a number of miniature dinner bells available. Many of the smallest bells actually have the most intricate designs. Entire paintings have been reproduced on the surface of miniature ceramic bells.

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