Discount Gift Certificates

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Discount gift certificates can refer to a couple of distinct phenomena. First, there are gift certificates to discount stores such as outlets or big box chains. Because these companies' prices are already heavily discounted, the recipient of your gift card effectively receives a price break. Of course, that person would find the exact same prices were he or she to head to the store without your store credit. Nevertheless, this form of discount gift certificate can make for a thoughtful gift, especially if your recipient is a budget shopper.

Second, discount gift certificates refer to the savings shoppers receive after spending their dollars in-store. Companies such as Loehmann's, for example, frequently issue their customers "bonus points" that correspond in value to the amount they spend on apparel and housewares. Shoppers may receive an additional five percent discount on future purchases for every 100 dollars they spend on a given day. This is one incentive stores give their customers to buy as much as they can at one time.

Giving Discount Certificates

Gift-givers tend to have mixed feelings on discount certificates, and for good reason. While these coupons may offer substantial savings, they're usually only available as "extras" to shoppers who have already spent their cash, and usually on themselves. Thus, some people feel as though their discount certificates are mere afterthoughts, not meaningful gifts made with the recipient in mind.

On the flip side, others believe that any gift, no matter how it's acquired, is a thoughtful gesture and certainly nicer than no gift at all. Besides, a 25-percent-off coupon is still a 25-percent-off coupon no matter what. The shopper may have just as easily pocketed the additional savings and used them him or herself rather than give them to a friend or relative.

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