Dolphin Candle Holders

Written by Michael Federico
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The dolphin has long been a favorite subject of animal lovers from around the world. Their grace, friendliness, and intelligence have drawn people of all ages to watch dolphins perform in captivity and lured many out to sea to watch the water mammals frolic in their natural habitat.

People's fascination with dolphins has given rise to an entire souvenir industry. There are shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, notebooks, and posters adorned with dolphins. There are also countless videos and DVDs that cover the subject. Collectors have found decorative plates, figurines, and candleholders with the images of their favorite animal on them, as well.

Types of Dolphin Candleholders

The majority of dolphin candleholders attempt to show the animals in action. Pewter dolphins leap over waves in wide-stretched arc. Glass cups for candles line the arc, so when they are lit, each individual dolphin has its own flickering light behind it. There are also ceramic dolphins shooting out of the water or "balancing" a candle cup on their nose, and there are holders that have images of dolphins shooting underwater after they have just completed a dive.

Candleholders can be found for both tea light and votive candles. A tea light holder is often just an oil warmer in the shape of a dolphin. The votive holders are generally larger, especially those that can hold more than one votive candle. Different designs vary in price and subtlety. There are some holders that will stand out and there are some that require a person to take a close look to fully appreciate the detail work that has gone into the piece.

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