Dragon Candle Holders

Written by Michael Federico
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Dragons have intrigued people for thousands of years. These mythical beasts have been the subject of folklore and legends in almost every culture. They have also played the part of both villain and hero in some of the most popular works of fantasy (and literature as a whole) of all time. To this day, images of dragons can be seen in a number of different forms. They are on t-shirts, in tattoos, they clutch crystal balls and snow globes, and they are in the logos for companies and restaurants.

Dragon candleholders have remained popular, because in most cultures the dragon has always been closely associated with fire. Also, when a candle is lit, it will shine light on the details that usually go into crafting a ceramic or metal dragon. Each scale can be seen, and the combination of colors used will be highlighted.

Dragon Candleholder Designs

There are several different common designs for dragon candleholders. There are also some truly unique works created by artists whose work focuses heavily on dragons. There are holders that are medieval in their look. The candles actually rest on the dragon, giving it the appearance of being surrounded by flame. Other holders feature several dragons, wings back-to-back, each with its own candle. Many of the most detailed dragon candleholders will show the creature guarding a pile of gold.

In some cases, a dragon candleholder will guard actual treasures. There are designs that have the dragon lording over a box that can hold jewelry or other small objects. Combinations of candleholders and mirrors are also available. When the candle is lit, both the dragon and its flame are reflected in the glass.

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