Dragon Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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It's always intriguing to learn about mythical archetypes or figures that have emerged at different times in different parts of the world that seemingly had no contact with each other. Vastly different societies came up with pantheons of gods that displayed incredible similarities, they came up with the idea of rings to signify marriage, and they have found different justifications for war as a way to resolve differences or get what they wanted. From the mundane to the profound, sometimes it really seems as though there's something to the idea of a universal subconscious, because the commonalities can be far too overwhelming to be "nothing but coincidence."

Dragons are one of those things that have entered into the myths and fantasies of radically different societies, indicating just how powerful they are as an idea or symbol. In China, for thousands of years, the dragon has been seen as a sign of good fortune. In Europe, particularly the British Isles, dragons have appeared as powerful and enigmatic beings with wisdom beyond that of humans. In fairy tales, they have appeared as creatures which demanded sacrifices, and in many cases, the reason for their anger was that their world was becoming overrun by humans who did not pay them sufficient respect and turned them into enemies. The ancient Greeks had dragons, as did the Vikings, and there are creatures in Mexican and South American mythology that are essentially dragon forms, as well.

Dragon Totems and Jewelry

Many people who wear dragon jewelry believe that a dragon brings protection and a long life. Fertility and wisdom are also common powers associated with dragon totems. Many people are drawn to totems carved from semi-precious stones, and carry them without any kind of chain. Other want their totems to be close to their hearts and will wear them on chains around their necks.

Not everyone who likes dragons believes that they have magical powers. Some people are fans of fantasy fiction, and have been fascinated by books by Anne McCaffrey or Andre Norton which include witty, wry, stately, brilliant, and powerful dragons. For them, a dragon ring, pendant, or charm is simply a little link to the imagination, where dragons can be anything they want them to be.

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