Dragonfly Accessories

Written by Serena Berger
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As a totem animal or spirit, the dragonfly is thought to be quite powerful. If you divide the world into the four elements, most creatures live in only one of those realms. If something lives or functions in two, the likeliest combination is earth and air. Dragonflies, however, inhabit the realms of water and air, which makes them quite unique.

If you believe that there are emotional, mental, and psychic properties associated with the elements, you will understand why this duality in the dragonfly is so powerful. Air is considered masculine, while water is feminine. Air is the element typically associated with a more detached, cerebral, analytical perspective. At its best, it is the element of leadership, wisdom, and guidance. Water is receptive, changeable, and emotional. At its best, it is the element associated with empathy and intuition, as well as healing.

Bringing these elements into balance is very difficult, and rarely achieved. People who wear dragonflies as totems are often trying to meet this objective, and some feel that the energy of their totem helps them remain focused. Others just find that they have a strange affinity for dragonflies, and have never questioned it very deeply.

Finding Dragonfly Accessories

If you are looking for dragonfly jewelry and accessories, you should find that you have a surprising number of options. You can find stunning rings, pendants, and bracelets which feature dragonflies--some very affordable in sterling silver, and others much more ornate and unique with a price tag to match. You can also find brooches and barrettes--often jewelers will use precious stones for the dragonfly's eyes, or interesting iridescent materials like shells to make the delicate wings.

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