Dragonfly Art

Written by Serena Berger
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If you have an affinity for dragonflies, there are a number of beautiful ways to incorporate them into your home décor. You might want to look in stores that have a focus on white magic, crystals, tarot, or the like, because dragonflies are considered powerful symbols in spiritual systems which respect the elements. Dragonflies are thought to be symbols of light and of the reflection of light, which means they can help you tap into your own inner spirit and see it more clearly.

Dragonflies can make a beautiful motif on fabric. Silks and brocades, in particular, may feature dragonflies, and make anything a stunning piece--from a lampshade to a rug, a wall hanging to a robe. Many people are drawn to dragonflies without really knowing why, and they have become a surprisingly common decorative element.

Porcelain Dragonfly Art

Dragonflies are also depicted beautifully on porcelain. There's often an Asian influence on a lot of the porcelain art that features dragonflies, and you're likely to find them in very simple settings, along with thin reeds, branches, and tiny blossoms. A pale glaze for hints of delicate color is all such a piece needs to finish off its minimalist beauty.

You could consider getting a vase that features a dragonfly design. You might want to keep tall, long-lasting blooms like pussy willows in it for most of the year, to complement the gentle grace of the piece. A vase, a plate, a tea pot, or cups and saucers can be equally beautiful when they are used for their ostensible purposes, or when put on display as works of art on their own.

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