Eagle Book Ends

Written by Michael Federico
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The majority of products featuring images of the bald eagle are patriotic in nature. They focus on the eagle's connection to the United States as a symbol of strength and freedom. These items will usually display the American flag in some capacity, as well. Often, the flag will be clutched in the talon of the eagle, or the bird will be soaring overhead while the flag waves below.

Some of the most popular eagle bookends are crafted in albastrite but have the appearance of finished wood. The bust of an eagle is framed by the flag, which appears to be flapping in the wind. Great attention is paid to the eagle's feathers, colors, and eyes, creating a picture of power and pride. Bookends vary in size, but they are usually close to six inches high.

Eagle Bookends for American Collections

Well-crafted bookends can be used in any library. Their wood-like appearance allows them to work in a traditional library or study design. It also makes them perfect for rooms that are home to a number of older books and manuscripts. However, they are modern enough in appearance to function well on bookshelves that are typically found in contemporary American homes.

The combination of the bald eagle and the American flag makes these bookends perfect for American literature collections. These could be compilations of great American writers, or anthologies that highlight aspects of Americana. There are even eagle bookends that are more "western" in appearance, having been designed specifically for books populated with cowboys, ranchers, stagecoaches, and other figures from the Old West that are purely American.

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