Eagle Clocks

Written by Michael Federico
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A porcelain eagle flying over a working clock can make for a striking centerpiece. In fact, most eagle clocks are distinct items that will stand out regardless of the room they are in. Materials used in the creation of these products vary. There are porcelain, brass, and even glass eagles. Clocks can have wood or metal bases. Often the glass eagle will accompany a glass or crystal clock base.

Many people choose items based on the design of the eagle, viewing the clock as secondary. However, there are many people in this country that could easily be seen as clock aficionados. For them, the appearance and the function of the clock take precedence. Clocks can be found with roman numerals on their faces. The length and shape of the clock's hands can vary, as well. There are some clocks that have a second hand and others that forgo it.

Weathered Eagle Clocks

There are several models of eagle clock that are designed to look as though they have been around for a long time. These clocks are usually crafted with a wood base. The finishing gives them a weathered appearance. These pieces work well in many libraries and studies. They are also perfect for those people who have rooms in their homes used for displaying antiques.

There are some eagle clocks, faded and otherwise, that feature the American flag. Sometimes, the flag will appear on the face of the clock, itself. In other cases, it will be sculpted in the same material that has been used for the eagle.

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