Eagle Plates

Written by Michael Federico
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There are a number of sets of collectable plates that feature images of the American bald eagle. When most people think about decorative plates, they imagine a very basic 2-D design. There are many plates that fall into this category. An eagle might be painted flying through the sky on the face of the plate, or an eagle might stand alongside an American flag. Some of the most simple plate designs are actually geared toward children. The plates are plastic and the eagles depicted are colorful and eye-catching. These items, unlike most, can actually be used and washed.

Eagle plates that incorporate elements other than painting can be found, as well. The use of sculpted eagle figurines and overlaid mountaintops and clouds help to create a full-scale 3-D piece. There is a depth to these plates that does not exist in most eagle memorabilia, because so many details can be explored. A plate can simultaneously capture the nature of the eagle and its symbolic aspects. There might be several distinct images used. In one, the eagle might simply be perched, watching the skies. In another, the bird might carry an American flag as it flies.

Buying Eagle Plates

Visiting a store or website that specializes in bald eagle items will give a person the best chance to find a plate that suits his tastes. These stores have a number of styles to choose from. They also have plates that fall into different price ranges.

Many plates are extremely expensive and quite fragile. Pieces such as these are often displayed in specialty made cases. Many stores that carry eagle plates will carry displays, as well.

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