Food Slicer

Written by Scott Martin
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I love to cook and spends many hours in the kitchen. The one task I dislike most is cutting onions. To help, I bought myself a food slicer and now I no longer fret about cutting the onions--because there is no mess, no smell, and no tears!.

Benefits of Using a Food Slicer

I use the food slicer, not just on onions, but on many other fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it is quicker to use the food slicer than a regular knife. Especially if I am in a hurry, I can get consistent restaurant quality results by using the food slicer.

A food slicer is such a completely handy tool. It allows you to easily slice and chop up food. I do not like using huge sharp knives around the kids, and the food slicer allows me to cook like a professional without having to use professional knives.

Once the cooking is done, the food slicer comes apart and can go right in the dishwasher. My entire family loves this food slicer and I don't know how I cooked before I had it. Look for a recommended dealer online and you can be using a food slicer right away.

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