Get Well Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Get well gift baskets are an extremely thoughtful way to say you care. If your sister is down with the flu, deliver a basket filled with a pretty box of tissues, a copy of Cosmo or a trashy novel and lots of lozenges and hard candies. Don't forget a few cans or packets of chicken soup, some ginseng tea and a small jar of honey. A thoughtful idea for anyone who's ill would be to include "gift certificates" for taking care of things they can't do at the moment, such as laundry, shopping, or mowing the lawn.

Get well gift baskets for people who are less sick than incapacitated, say with a broken leg, might include a manicure basket for a woman, filled with several colors of nail polish, emery boards, and some luscious hand creams. A man might enjoy a craft kit, or a basket filled with cards, dice, chips and a book on casino games. Electronic games would be welcome too, as would puzzle books.

People in the hospital might like get well gift baskets that help them shut out their surroundings. A personal CD player with earphones and a selection of their favorite music would be welcome. Snacks and goodies will also be much appreciated, if they are allowed.

Get Well Gift Baskets for Kids

A bored child who has to stay in bed will be very grateful for a basket full of distractions. Books, videos, comic books and children's magazines are a good way to start. Small puzzles, hand-held electronic games and craft kits, preferably without paints or tiny pieces, would also keep them entertained.

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