Gift Basket Ideas

Written by Sarah Provost
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Looking for some original gift basket ideas? Why not make up a themed basket that will reflect the recipient's hobbies and interests? For a movie lover, for example, gather together some theater snacks such as popcorn, Junior Mints, Sno-Caps and Red Vines. Tuck them around a DVD of the recipient's favorite movie. You might want to add a viewing guide--Video Hound is one of the best.

Customized Gift Basket Ideas for Men, Women and Children

It's easy to tailor gift basket ideas to suit the individual. If you're going to give a movie basket, for instance, to a man, you might choose a classic sports movie such as Field of Dreams and put in a baseball video game as well. If your female friend loves Terms of Endearment, why not tuck a pretty embroidered handkerchief in with it to wipe away the tears? If you give your nephew The Cat in the Hat, he'd probably enjoy having the striped hat to wear while he watches.

A martini basket is a sophisticated gift. Start with a bottle of good gin or vodka, some vermouth of course, and two classic martini glasses. Don't forget olives, especially some of the special ones stuffed with anchovies, almonds or jalapenos. If they like their martinis Bond-style, put in a silver or glass shaker. A packet of cocktail napkins and some smoked almonds round it out.

How about a gift basket for a kid going away to camp? Put in some stamped, addressed post cards, lots of cookies and snacks, a single-use camera and a loving note. Start with these few gift basket ideas and let your imagination loose!

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