Gift Ideas

Written by Amy Hall
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So many people get tripped up on gift ideas, yet there really is no reason to come unglued when the occasion calls for a heartfelt gift. First and foremost, you must be willing to think outside of the box. There is no reason why you have to buy roses and chocolates for your sweetie on Valentine's Day just because that is the norm. Second, you must not assume that a gift has to cost a great deal of money for it to be appreciated and valued.

If you can take a moment to think about your recipient in detail, you should be able to come up with some fantastic gift ideas. Too often we rush out and buy the first gift that appeals to us, not stopping to think if it would appeal to the person we are giving it to. Don't assume that your friend or spouse or parent is going to like the same things you like. In other words, when buying for someone else, put all of your own opinions aside.

Let's say you are buying a gift for your girlfriend in honor of Valentine's Day. Although she may be happy enough to receive roses and chocolates from you, this gesture may not blow her out of the water. On the other hand, lavishing her with indulgent bath and body products may get a better response. If you need to inject some humor into your gift, there are plenty of novelty soaps to include; those from Oh Sudz! are popular for their wisecracks on everything from Botox to motherhood.

Fabulous Gift Ideas

Is your girlfriend a natural cook? Perhaps you could sign both of you up for a fun cooking class that specializes in the cuisine of your choice. Putting together a gourmet gift basket is another alternative, and a breakfast theme can be unique and fun. You can include pancake mix, specialty jams and teas, and some delicious syrups. You might even want to include some dessert toppings if your special someone has a sweet tooth.

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