Gift Ideas For Men

Written by Sarah Provost
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Let's face it, it's easier to buy gifts for women than it is for men. Boyfriend, best friend, husband, boss, dad or son, it's a challenge to find a gift that will truly please those men in our lives. I think the reason it's easier for women to buy for other women is that we can choose something that we'd like, and feel fairly sure that they'll like it too. This does not work when buying for men.

Choosing Gifts for Men

One of my favorite short stories by Grace Paley begins, "Last Christmas my husband gave me a broom. No one can tell me he meant well." Many men would be equally disgruntled by, say, tickets to the opera. The secret to buying gifts for men is to study them carefully in their native habitat, figure out what they really enjoy, and then give them something directly related.

Let's say your brother's favorite activities are drinking beer and watching sports. He may be delighted by a tie or boxer shorts with his favorite team's logo, but he might not. How about tickets to a local sports event, or a beer-making kit so he can have his own microbrewery?

If your boss loves sushi, give him small, shallow soy sauce dishes and a pair of chopsticks so he can enjoy take-out in style. For a larger gift, perhaps from a group, fill a basket with a book on preparing sushi, a quality knife, a rolling mat, a bag of sticky rice, some packets of nori and a tin of wasabi powder. Stick the chopsticks through the bow at the top.

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