Gift For Mom

Written by Carolyn Larson
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Everybody is looking for the perfect gift for mom. She's the only mom you have, and she is a very special lady. With all her hard work over the years, it's time to thank her for the thankless job she did--raising you! If you want to make her cry tears of joy, get sentimental. What mom doesn't like receiving a distinctive gift that you've given from the heart?

Gift Ideas for Mom

You can fill a pretty box with old memories of the two of you, such as photos, letters, notes, and old school reports or projects you worked on together. Or create a scrapbook of fun times growing up, mementos of special occasions, and quotes by favorite authors and poets. You could also create an original piece of art using her favorite quotations and poetry.

Greeting cards are cute, but they don't often express exactly what you are thinking or feeling. Writing your own message and giving it to your mother in a way that she will appreciate is far more effective. If you're really not sure what to say, leave it to the experts.

Then send your message in a bottle. A unique bottle that's created out of decorative glass is an understated yet elegant way to enclose your message. Special packaging will be a joy for mom to open on her birthday, Mother's Day or other holiday. It isn't easy to find something that's as extraordinary as mom, but it can be done. Think creatively and put your heart into it. You'll find the right gift.

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