Gifts For Book Lovers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Choosing gifts for book lovers seems like a no-brainer: give them books! But unless you are certain you know what kinds of books your reader friends enjoy, and what books they might already have, you run the risk of duplication or of choosing books that don't suit their tastes. Of course, a gift certificate for a bookstore will solve that problem, but there are also ways to enhance their reading pleasure.

Tailor Gifts to Reading Habits

Many people read just before going to bed. If your reader is one of them, put together a basket of bedtime goodies. Herbal teabags and cookies might please one friend, while another would appreciate a bottle of wine and some smoked almonds. For those who actually read in bed, a bed tray might be welcome, as well as a book light if that bed is shared.

Those who live alone often read while eating. For them, a wooden stand that holds the book upright would be a wonderful convenience. A small lamp or book light might also be a good idea, as reading light is often insufficient at the dining table.

For those who read while they commute, stretchy book covers do double duty. They protect the book from getting battered as it's carried around, and provide a measure of privacy for the reader. If your friend gets his or her books from the library, a book bag would be useful. Finally, if you know your friend is particularly fond of a specific book or genre, you can probably find a related non-book gift. I'm a fan and collector of books about medieval times, for instance, and a clever friend once gave me a calendar which had pictures of castles for each month.

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