Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Those of us who truly love our coffee also love coffee-related gifts, and certainly coffee itself is always welcome. But before you run out and buy it, do your homework. Be certain you know exactly what kind of coffee will be most appreciated. Does the recipient have a grinder? If not, your generous gift of a couple of pounds of whole-bean coffee will only be a hassle.

Try to find out what specific coffees are their favorites. If you don't know exactly what kind, at least be certain whether they like light or dark roasts, and even more important, whether they drink flavored coffee. A dark-roast drinker can make use of light-roast coffees, even if only by blending them with others. But when I'm given flavored coffees, there's nothing I can do except to pass them on to someone else, since they overpower all other brews.

Mugs for Coffee Mavens

It's almost impossible for a coffee drinker to have too many mugs, either the ceramic ones for home or good insulated thermal mugs for the car or train. If you're buying a travel mug, though, splurge rather than scrimp. Less expensive mugs are very likely to leak, resulting in coffee stains on the commuter's clothes.

Airtight canisters, coasters and other peripherals make excellent gifts. There's also the option of a gift of a food or beverage that goes well with coffee. There are few coffee lovers who don't also love biscotti, for instance. A nice liqueur such as B&B, Sambuca or Frangelico would also add a note of luxury to that after-dinner cup.

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