Gifts For Fathers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Buying gifts for fathers is often thought to be difficult. It doesn't have to be, however, if you step away from the category of "father," with its attendant slippers, neckties and sweaters, and think instead about the individual. Keep your eyes and ears open throughout the year to discover what delights your dad, and when gift-giving occasions come along, you'll have plenty of ideas.

These days, many fathers really enjoy cooking. If yours is one of them, he may well be more interested in tools for the kitchen than for the garage. Consider an excellent copper-bottomed saute pan or a pasta machine. If his cooking is confined to the outdoor grill, put together an attractively packaged selection of rubs, spices, marinades and flavored wood chips. If you want to splurge, how about signing him up for a delivery of extra-premium steaks once a month?

Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

A friend of mine always had to remove pens and pencils from within her father's reach when he watched football games. If she didn't, they would go flying at the TV screen whenever there was a fumble or a bad call. She found him a "slammer," a plush football that would deliver pre-recorded expressions of dismay when thrown to the floor. The week after his birthday, she went out and bought three more to keep in reserve, since his enthusiasm for slamming was apparent.

If your dad is a more active participant, I think it's a better idea to buy him peripherals than actual equipment, unless you're certain you know what he wants. A fisherman, for instance, might have a very specific kind of rod that he likes to use. Instead of hoping you get the right kind, fill a creel with a fishing hat and snacks that are easy to carry in a vest pocket, such as jerky or hard fruit candies. And if you really want to please him, tuck in a note that says you've reserved a weekend to go fishing with him.

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