Gifts For Mothers

Written by Sarah Provost
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As far as I'm concerned, gifts for mothers should be selected according to one criterion: pampering. It's part of a mother's job description to pamper those around her, but she seldom gets much chance to pamper herself. A Dustbuster might come in really handy, but would you rather have her thinking of you while she's cleaning up cat litter or relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of nice wine?

Spa Baskets and Other Luxuries

I've never met a woman who didn't fantasize about going to a spa. If you can't afford to send her to Two Bunch Palms for a weekend, put together a collection of bath oils, facial masks, soothing eye pads and other spa goodies. Loofahs, scrubs, exfoliants and emollients expand the experience, and if your budget allows, a thick white terry cloth robe will complete it.

Clothes are subject to the vagaries of size, fashion and personal taste, but there are some luxury items that are always welcome. Your mom might get a couple of sweaters every Christmas, but what it you band together to buy her one superlative cashmere? Choose a neutral color and a simple style, and I can guarantee it will become one of her very favorite items to wear.

Tickets to a play or other cultural event are also welcome gifts, but of course, the most luxurious gift of all is time. This is especially true if she's the mother of small children. Accompany your spa basket, for instance, with a "coupon" to take the kids to a movie, so she can have two hours to loll in her tub without someone pounding on the bathroom door. She already loves you, but she'll love you even more.

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