Gifts For Teachers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Teachers deserve our respect, admiration, and above all, our gratitude. I've been both a teacher and the parent of an active, mischievous boy, so I know whereof I speak. Making a special gift basket is a lovely way to thank a teacher for all they do for our children. (Be sure to check with the school first. These days many have a policy forbidding gifts.)

Gifts for Teachers

Teaching is a physically demanding job, so gifts that pamper the body are very thoughtful. A gift certificate for a massage or other spa service would be an excellent example. The best gift I ever got when I was teaching was a foot-care kit, which contained lotions, soaks and gels to revitalize aching feet and legs.

In these days of limited budgets, many teachers have to buy their own supplies. Especially for teachers in the elementary grades, this can be a major expense. Consider filling a basket with construction paper, scissors, crayons, paints and other art supplies. An alternative is to present a basket of books at the appropriate grade level.

Nobody ever turns down goodies such as cookies, brownies and other snacks, but what about giving your favorite teacher a subscription to one of those fruit-of-the-month plans? It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of an apple for the teacher. Flowering plants, too, are welcome brighteners for the classroom. Most importantly, be sure to include a note from you and your child, expressing your appreciation.

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