Gifts For Women

Written by Sarah Provost
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Freud famously asked, "What do women want?" He was never able to figure it out. Of course he was talking about what we want for our lives, not our birthdays, so if you're wondering what to buy a woman for a gift, your job is a whole lot easier. Most of us are extremely easy to please.

Many women want little luxuries, things that add comfort, beauty and delight to our days. That could be a spa basket filled with scented bath oils, an inflatable pillow and a few potions, or it could be a beautiful porcelain teacup with a selection of teas. Others want new hiking boots or yoga wear, a new tennis racket or a kayak.

A mistake men often make is giving a woman something they want them to have, whether or not they want it. Yes, skimpy lingerie can be right up there on that list, if the woman you're buying it for prefers flannel nightgowns. On the other hand, if your lady delights in silk and chiffon and shops for herself in Victoria's Secret, go for it!

Choosing Gifts for Women

How do you know which gift to give which woman in your life? Just keep your eyes and ears open to her own individuality. If your wife loves to cook and your mother hates it, for instance, be aware of which one gets the pasta maker and which one gets the certificate to Antonio's Ristorante. What women want most of all is something that shows you're paying attention.

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