Glass Angels

Written by Michael Federico
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Angels are a major part of many people's decorating schemes. This is especially true around Christmas, but a lot of people display their angel collections throughout the year. There are so many types of angel figurines and statues available that a person can find something in a style that works for him.

Some statues are actually of a truly religious nature. These are representations of figures such as the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. They can be found in porcelain, wood, glass, and even soap. The majority of angel items, though, do not portray religious icons. They are usually cherubs, or in many cases, beings that are indistinct save for their wings.

Glass Angel Statues

Several artists who are skilled in working with glass have created glass angel statues and figurines. Whether these pieces are of a truly religious nature or not, they are highly detailed. Great attention has been paid to the wings and clothing of the angel, and although everyone has his own idea of what an angel looks like, most of these artists have done their best to create images that can resonate with everybody.

There are also a number of small glass angel figurines available. These can be displayed on tables, mantles, dressers, or just about anywhere throughout the house. Many of these figurines are actually parts of a complete set. There are other glass angels that can be hung from Christmas trees, as well. However, they can stand alone, so when they are not being used as ornaments they can still be displayed.

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