Glass Eagles

Written by Michael Federico
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Figurines and statues created from glass are often overlooked by many collectors. They view these items as fragile, and they are unwilling to put in the time it takes to keep them looking their best. Usually, those who purchase glass sculptures are as interested in the glass as they are in the object that is being represented. They are drawn to glass because of its ability to refract light and because detailing on glassworks is usually extremely subtle.

Glass figurines can make truly unique gifts. Many finely crafted products can be found at relatively low costs. Some of the most highly sought after items are glass animal sculptures. Mammals, fish, birds, and even insects have been rendered in glass. Some are only a few inches high, while others are over a foot tall.

Glass American Bald Eagles

The image of the American bald eagle has been portrayed in a number of different mediums. Brass, wood, iron, and even gold statues are displayed throughout the United States. There are full-scale glass eagle creations, but most take the form of smaller figurines. Some figurine sets will rest on glass bases, creating a sense of depth to the display.

A number of these glass products create very clean profiles of the bird, while others are highly detailed pieces taken from a head-on perspective. There are also glass eagle products that feature glass representations of the American flag, as well. There are varying dimensions among glass eagle figures. The thickness of an item will often affect the price and fragility of an item.

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