Holiday Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Online shopping can be a real lifesaver during the holidays. Wouldn't you rather be at your computer in your pajamas than out fighting crowds and bad weather? And if you have to send gifts to distant friends and family, online shopping can save you that hassle too. You can order holiday gift baskets for everyone on your list, then put your feet up and drink cocoa!

Holiday gift baskets used to be primarily business gifts. They were impersonal, unobjectionable, and ranged in quality from unexciting to downright unsavory. These days, however, sales of gift baskets are booming, due to the extremely wide range of options and the more personal touches.

You can find gift baskets today containing anything from stuffed animals to shrimp pate. There are baskets for golfers, baseball fans and gardeners, coffee lovers, cookie lovers and chocoholics. While there are still generic, one-size-fits-all baskets available, you can now select a basket that recognizes the individuality of the recipient.

Buy and Send Holiday Gift Baskets Online

There are many sites online selling gift baskets, so your biggest problem will be choosing which ones to purchase. Once you've made your selections, you can have them delivered to you or directly to the recipient. They do tend to be pricey, but when you factor in the time you would spend shopping, wrapping and sending, plus the convenience of being able to do it all from home, gift baskets start looking like real bargains.

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