Holiday Gift Towers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Gift towers, composed of three or more similarly shaped containers, each filled with a different treat, make spectacular gifts. They're especially useful for offices, since there are several choices to suit personal tastes. They're relatively easy to make yourself, and you can also order them online in many different forms. The hard part isn't deciding to give a gift tower, but which one?

It's fun to fill Christmas towers with treats specifically associated with the holiday. Maybe your bottom box will contain popcorn balls, with gingerbread people in the middle container and ribbon candy on top. Hannukah calls for shaped star and dreidel cookies in the bottom, toffee bars in the middle and chocolate gelt on top.

Of course, you can have as many boxes as you'd like. Just be sure they are all symmetrical. Wrap each box in a different but related gift paper, stack them up and tie them with a ribbon. Hang a small Christmas ornament or dreidel from the bow.

Gift Towers for Other Holidays

Gift towers aren't confined to Yuletide and Hannukah. Imagine how pretty a Valentine's Day gift tower would be, wrapped in various red and pink prints. You could fill it with chocolate treats, or perhaps candles, scented oils and the like. If your Valentine's Day traditions call for lingerie or boxer shorts, those too can be presented as part of a tower. In fact, why wait for a holiday at all? Love knows no season.

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