Housewarming Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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Do you have friends or family members that just moved into a new home? If you do, then a thoughtful housewarming gift is in order. Try to think beyond the norm, which means setting aside your ideas about buying a potted plant. It is better to think of the styles and personalities of the new homeowners, and get them a gift that reflects that.

Do they love shopping for antiques? Perhaps you could get them a subscription to a magazine that focuses on antiquing in their region of the country. Are they big gardeners? A great gift idea might be some gardening tools, seeds, and soil, which will allow them to start creating a garden from scratch. The key is to choose something that embraces their passions.

Other great ideas include books, CDs, a picture for the wall, perhaps a basket filled with various flavors of coffee and tea, or a box of house cleaning products made from natural botanicals and essential oils. Anyone who moves into a new home can vouch for the fact that the first few weeks of unpacking are chaotic. Therefore, a great gift idea might be some storage baskets that are aesthetically appealing yet functional.

Special Housewarming Gifts

Maybe one of the most valuable gifts you could give new homeowners is your time and help. Volunteer to stop by for an afternoon and help them unpack boxes. More than likely, your friends will appreciate the offer more than you know, and will be happy to take you up on it. Feel free to throw in an actual present that you feel best reflects their style.

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