Incense Burners

Written by Michael Federico
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People burn incense for several different reasons. Some simply use it to keep their homes smelling like one of their favorite fragrances. Others actually use incense as aromatherapy, choosing scents like chamomile, vanilla, and sandalwood that alleviate stress, help with relaxation, reduce irritability, and dissipate sadness. There are also people who use incense as a meditative aid.

There are a variety of styles, origins, and fragrances of incense available in stores and on the Internet. Indian, Japanese, and Tibetan incense are some of the most popular, especially for those who look to incense for its calming effect. Cones, sticks, spirals, oils, and smudging incense can be found. Each type burns differently, and each has a specific type of burner that it works best with.

Types of Incense Burners

Basic burners exist for all types of incense. There are long wood burners for stick incense, smoking bottles for spirals, and trays that double as stick and cone ash catchers. There are also soapstone ceramic oil burners and brass burners for charcoal resin. Each basic design can be expanded on and personalized. Many burners have intricate detail work done to them. There are some that reflect the cultures of the Far East or that of specific Native American tribes. It is possible to find hand-painted burners that are adorned with truly unique designs, as well.

Many online sites offer gift packages. These will usually include a large order of incense, varying in scent and style, and at least one burner. Some even come with sandalwood or metal boxes designed to store both the incense and the burner.

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