Jewish Wedding Gifts

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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There are centuries-old traditions surrounding a Jewish wedding, treasured rituals and accoutrements that make the entire process unique. For example, the bride and groom are married under a Chuppah, a wedding canopy. In some instances, the wedding cannot take place until a marriage contract is signed. After the ceremony, there is a wedding meal, dancing, and the custom of seating the bride and groom on chairs and having a number of strong men elevate them above their heads while everyone is dancing.

Special Jewish Wedding Gifts

"I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine," is a wonderful saying that is used on many Jewish wedding gifts. One delightful platter depicting the Tree of Life with a heart in its branches and two doves holding a banner that says, "Shalom" is available online. The Kiddush is the ceremonial blessing marking the beginning of the Sabbath and other Hebrew festivals. It is also recited at mealtimes and includes a prayer of benediction over the occasion and over the wine and bread. In the context of a Jewish wedding, the Kiddush cup can be made to hold the shards of glass from the wedding ceremony. These cups come in a huge range of styles and can be made of glass or precious metals. Some of the designs are centuries old.

Beautiful wedding albums with a Chuppah scene on the cover can be treasured gifts to remember the couple's special day. Wedding candlesticks bearing the "beloved" phrase are also popular. To bless the couple's home, exquisitely designed Mezuzah cases are a good choice. Wedding photo frames are always welcome, and, from traditional to modern, they can reflect the unique aspects of Judaism with Ani L'Dodi, the "beloved" phrase.

Wedding Plates

Available in numerous sizes and shapes, made from a variety of materials, and bearing some incredibly beautiful artwork, wedding plates make a special gift for any couple. From decoupage to frosted glass to personalized plates bearing pictures of the couple, these gifts can be special treasures that will be passed down for generations.

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