Kitchen Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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Kitchen gifts are often highly appreciated by those who love to cook and keep their kitchen looking and smelling fabulous. There are a host of gift ideas that the cook in the family would probably love to receive. For instance, you could buy the amateur chef some fabulous cookbooks, fancy table linens, or perhaps even some stemware or dishes for that perfectly set table.

Any good cook will tell you that cleaning up the dishes is the worst part of creating a gourmet meal. Maybe some aromatherapy cleansing products would make clean up just a little bit more enjoyable. The Thymes and Caldrea both make cleaning products for the home that come in scents such as cedarwood-mint, lavender-pine, and white clover.

Perhaps scrubbing the pots and pans clean would be more enjoyable with such soothing fragrances filling the air. Don't forget about candles, as they can certainly add some ambience to the kitchen. However, if you are going to be cooking, you don't want the fragrance from a candle to compete with the natural aromas of the food. Therefore, it may be best to purchase candles that are unscented or that have a very delicate fragrance in lemon, lime, or vanilla, as these scents don't overwhelm a room.

Clever Kitchen Gifts

This may not sound too exciting, but a good cook will tell you that kitchen dishtowels come in handy all the time. You could choose from fine display towels, or you could choose absorbent cotton towels that come in an array of colors and designs. Ceramic canisters that hold sugar, flour, and salt are also great ideas, as are mixing bowls, teacups, or large coffee mugs. The sky is the limit when it comes to gifts for the kitchen.

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