Leather Journals

Written by Serena Berger
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Journal keeping can be an art form, an obsession, a passion, and a profound act of spiritualism or therapy. Many people who keep journals are as picky about the paper, the cover, and the pen that they use as others can be about the cars that they drive, their homes, or their boyfriends. Others, however, love keeping a journal but feel like having a beautiful book is too much pressure because they're afraid that they'll write something "stupid" that doesn't seem worthy of the book in which it's written, and they can't rip it out if they want to because the pages are bound to the cover.

Leather Journal Covers

There's actually a great compromise, however, if you love the idea of a beautiful journal, but always find yourself settling for a spiral notebook. You can get a journal cover that can go over any blank book that you want to put in it. That way, you always have a beautiful journal with you and you can get quite attached to it, but you can rip out pages any time you want or replace the notebook altogether.

Of course, if the intention is to keep your journal cover with you for years to come, it is more important than ever to find something that you think is just right for you. If you like leather, you should take the time to find something soft and supple, and you should be able to find any beautiful color you desire. You can choose something plain, or you can look for an embossed cover that may be further decorated with a stunning clasp or lock.

You should take care of your leather journal cover the way you would take care of any fine leather or suede item. When you first get it, you need to spray it with a leather protector, and leave it alone to set for a day. After that, especially with suede, you'll need to be careful if you don't want it to become marked or creased; with leather, however, many people feel that it only gets more attractive over time as it gets broken it and develops creases and character.

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