Leather Wallets

Written by Serena Berger
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Leather wallets make great gifts. Women often spend a lot of time looking for a bag or purse, but keep the same old wallet for years. A beautiful new leather or suede wallet is the kind of treat that often comes last on our list of presents to give ourselves, and is usually reasonably affordable and perfectly suited for someone else to give.

The one thing you should make sure of if you're thinking of giving a wallet as a gift is whether the recipient feels strongly about having a large or a small wallet. Some people can't conceive of why you'd ever want a bulky wallet--they want theirs to be slim and streamlined enough to hold just a driver's license, credit card, and cash in bill form. That way it can easily make the transition from a bag to a jacket or pants pocket, or fit into a small evening bag as easily as a shoulder bag.

Other people want their wallets to hold a number of documents, cards for the gym, the grocery store, frequent bakery purchases, video store membership, and so on, all in addition to bills and spare change. The wallet minimalists claim that these are more like handbags. You can see, however, that it's probably not possible to get a person to change her wallet style, so you don't want to give her a beautiful wallet that she'll never use because it's too big or too small.

Beautiful Leather Wallets in Every Price Range

That being said, if you are getting a wallet for yourself or someone else, you should take the opportunity to get something that can be a frequent pick-me-up. A woman who really likes soft colors and textures could find a pink suede wallet, and a man who appreciates the finer things in life could get an Italian leather billfold, perhaps accented with a platinum clasp. You should also be able to find something that fits your price range, as there are genuine leather wallets that cost as little as $20, while top designers offer world class products that can cost several hundred dollars.

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