Lighthouse Clocks

Written by Michael Federico
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Lighthouses have become a fascinating subject for many in the United States. There are photography books, plates, figurines, and many other collectibles dedicated to lighthouses. Many people are drawn to them because of their isolation. They stand alone, a beacon to those in the mist or darkness. Others find lighthouses intriguing simply because of their architecture, which is truly unique.

There are several stores and online sites that carry a wide variety of lighthouse products. Clocks have become extremely popular among lighthouse enthusiasts. They are conversation pieces, but they serve a purpose as well.

Types of Lighthouse Clocks

There are clocks with revolving lighthouses. This allows people to take in the full detail of the sculpture. There are clocks done entirely in glass, while others are a combination of porcelain, glass, and gold. There are lighthouses that can be illuminated, casting light upon the hands of the clock even when the rest of the room is dark. There are also clocks that depict full oceanic scenes. The lighthouse is the focus, but in the distance there might be ships on the ocean, or people walking along a boardwalk.

Some people who buy lighthouse clocks are more concerned about the appearance of the item than its ability to keep time. However, there are a number of well-crafted products that are aesthetically pleasing and that function superbly as clocks. These items continue to fill the homes of people who are fascinated by lighthouses and timepieces, and those who are simply interested in creating a nautical theme for a room in their homes.

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