Lighthouse Figurines

Written by Michael Federico
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Some of the most popular lighthouse figurines actually recreate famous lighthouse paintings in 3-D. Hand-painted images and sculptures are enclosed in crystal or glass lighthouses. The result is a piece that is both a lighthouse figurine and a fully detailed ocean or lake scene. Clouds can be seen swirling within the lighthouse, birds fly through the sky, and ships cut across the waves.

Many figurines that are available are actually replicas of famous American lighthouses. Diamond Head, Pigeon Point, Tillamook Light, and Castle Hill are some of the most popular. These figurines will often come with information about the actual lighthouse and photographs of the structure. This has made them very popular with collectors. There are even complete sets that can be obtained. Each piece is designed in a similar way to the others, so they can be displayed together. Figurines can be found in porcelain or wood along with glass and crystal. There are also lighthouses that rest on a revolving base.

Illuminated Lighthouse Figurines

A lighthouse is not truly complete without illumination. Many figurines double as tea light candleholders. This means that like the actual houses, the figures can shed a bit of light in the darkness.

There are also figurines that function on electric light. These usually feature bulbs that are housed within the lighthouse, just as they would be in reality. Some even have lights that can be set on a timer. This means that every night as the sun sets, the lighthouse's beacon will be lit.

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