Lighthouse Plates

Written by Michael Federico
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Plates are one of the most popular items for those who collect lighthouse memorabilia. Most plates combine different artistic elements to create a 3-D waterfront scene. The plate, itself, might be painted like the sea. The shadows of ships can be seen in the distance and people are depicted on the beach. One side of the plate might be adorned with a lighthouse figurine. It will be in a forced perspective, making it the focus of the scene. The lighthouse will most likely be carved out of porcelain or whatever material the plate is made of. The top of the plate will often feature a line of birds flying overhead.

The detail of these plates is what draws most collectors to them. There are so many things happening that a person can always find something new to look at. However, from a distance, the plate will create a complete picture, meaning it can be displayed in a number of different locations.

Buying Lighthouse Plates

When a person visits a town that is centered around a lighthouse, he will more than likely be able to find several stores that carry plates and other souvenirs. For those who are not making their way along the coasts or through the Great Lakes region anytime soon, though, the Internet is the best place to find lighthouse products.

A number of sites offer different plate styles. Some feature the works of a specific artist, while others have broader collections. Many sites will allow a person to sign up for a lighthouse plate subscription. This means they will receive a new addition to their plate set throughout the year.

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