Lincoln Logs

Written by Scott Martin
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Perhaps the most timeless of childhood gifts, lincoln logs make great gift ideas for the children in your life. Easy to use and safe, lincoln logs can spark imagination in any child. Best of all, they encourage motor skills and design skills in young children, allowing them to learn as they play.

Types of Lincoln Logs

Perhaps back in your childhood, there was only one type of lincoln log set to play with. Times have changed, and these traditional toys have become even better and more specific. You can find the perfect lincoln log set for your child, regardless of his or her tastes.

The Fort Abraham Lincoln set is a limited edition from Lincoln Logs. Only 50,000 of this priceless set have been produced, making them unique gift ideas. Children can build a replica of Fort Abraham Lincoln, the design dating back to 1872. With richly stained logs, children can build a piece of history as they play.

Another great find from Lincoln Logs is the Sawmill Express Train Set. Children can play at the sawmill and help the workers cut down trees, split logs and build a lumberjack shack. Kids can even lay down the tracks and set the four-car express train in motion.

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