Love Gifts

Written by Linda Alexander
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Gifts of love are the best to give and get. Knowing you are loved lets you feel good about yourself and turn around and share that good spirit with others. Letting people know that you love them for who they are has an added boost: it makes you feel good as well. Love gifts are reciprocal. When you give love, you get it back, sometimes in quantities greater than you originally gave.

The Circle of Happiness

Being a good friend or spouse means offering advice when asked and helping others to find their own bliss. You'll find that when you accept others and treat them well, they will do the same for you and others. The result is that you end up making lots of people happy just by sharing your love for one person.

There are any number of ways to show your love through a gift. For instance, you can give the gift of hope, self esteem or time. In fact, time is something that everybody is short on yet everybody needs. Quality time and devoting 100 percent of your attention to your children, pets, or parents is one of the greatest, most loving gifts you can give.

If you're looking to give a physical present to somebody, try writing down how you feel. Then you can look for an appropriate greeting card--or give your letter as the gift. If there is a particular poem or saying that you like or the recipient is fond of, have it printed and framed or turned into an aged-looking message in a bottle. Your loved one will likely cherish it for years to come, just because you shared your heart.

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