Love Poem

Written by Carolyn Larson
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Everybody remembers the first time they received a love poem. That carefully worded scribble on notebook paper you received as a kid might seem silly to you now, but at the time it meant something. When you want to send a truly romantic gift, nothing succeeds like the right words.

Not everybody has the gift of gab, though. Especially with such deep feelings, people have trouble expressing themselves. That's why greeting cards and flowers are so popular. They are able to say what we feel in a language that is easily understood. You don't have to trip over your tongue to get a marriage proposal out or to tell somebody you love them when you have the appropriate gifts.

Reaching beyond the Ordinary

When you want to go beyond cards and flowers and teddy bears, there are other ways to express your love. You can choose to send a favorite love poem to your partner that touches the heart. Or, you can get fancy and send a message in a bottle.

Choosing a decorative glass bottle and an appropriate message is all there is to it. You'll have a gift that will decorate your recipient's home for years to come, with a message that will mean more to them than a ratty old teddy bear. Certainly, a message like this will last a whole lot longer than a bunch or flowers, too. It's just one way to make a lasting impression on somebody you care about.

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