Marriage Proposal Ideas

Written by Linda Alexander
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Marriage proposals are such special times in the lives of young adults. Many women wait their whole lives to be proposed to. Coming up with unique ideas for proposals is not easy but the effort will pay off. This is such an important time in a person's life that it really matters if she or he has a way to remember it. Doing something outrageous and embarrassing is not recommended. However, a timeless gift that she or he can keep for a lifetime is a beautiful way to ask your partner to spend the rest of her or his life with you.

Presenting the Engagement Ring

A memorable way to present the ring is of course a good idea. Some people drop rings in wine glasses or place the ring box in a bouquet of flowers. Other people have been known to sky write "will you marry me?" Those that dare to do it in public ask on scoreboards at sports stadiums, on television, or over the radio. It all depends on your personality and that of your partner.

A love letter is a really romantic way to propose. You could have a love poem or other verse written in a fancy font, rolled up and placed inside of an eye-catching bottle. There are stories about real people who met through messages in bottles sent over the ocean waves. Handing one to somebody in person is a modern way to use a classic idea.

No matter what type of gift you choose to go with, or how you choose to propose, it will always be special. Having a way to remember it will just make it more so. Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend--with or without a ring or other gift--is an occasion that deserves to be marked so you'll cherish it for the rest of your lives, as you'll cherish each other.

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