New Home Gift Baskets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Your best friends have just moved into a new home, and you want to give them a house-warming gift that's a little bit different. One good idea is to take a different slant on traditional gifts. Houseplants, for instance, are common gifts, but what about plants for the outside? Depending on the season, you might give them a basket of bulbs to plant in the fall for spring flowers or a rosebush in June.

Tailor the Gift to the Circumstance

Are your friends moving into a fixer-upper? In that case, perhaps the best gift would be the gift of time. Give them some "gift certificates" that they can redeem for an afternoon of painting or a weekend of landscaping help. If they've only lived in apartments previously, think of some things that homeowners might need, such as lawn care implements, a snow shovel, or even a trash bin.

Now that they have more room, maybe they'd like a variety of frames so they could hang all those pictures that have been languishing in a box. Again, an offer to help sort, frame and hang them would be very welcome. If they're going from a galley kitchen to a cook's dream, they might enjoy some specialized appliances that they didn't have room for before, such as a pasta maker or a slow cooker.

Perhaps your friends are retirees moving in the other direction, having downsized from a family home to an apartment. The problem in this case is usually too much stuff, and no place to put it. After casing their new apartment, visit a specialized storage and organizational store and look for something that will solve a particular storage problem. If you have the room, you might offer to keep seasonal things, holiday decorations, for instance, until they need them.

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