Oil Warmer

Written by Michael Federico
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Oil warmers are designed to produce fragrances without the flames and smoke that accompany traditional incense burners. All warmers do not function in the same way. For instance, if a terra cotta model is used, a person can simply pour scented oil into the warmer and wait for the fragrance to escape through the porous clay. Other items, such as those made from metal, alabastrite, or wire, support a dish that actually warms the oil.

There are a number of different scented oils that people can choose from. Some are designed for relaxation, others can add freshness to a room, and still others are believed to function as aphrodisiacs. Many outlets have gift packages that allow a person to purchase samples of a variety of oils and an oil warmer at a discounted price.

Oil Warmer Designs

Warmers can serve as decorative pieces when they are not in use. There are designs that fit almost any style of room. Many of them are set up as tripods and use images, colors, and materials that reflect those used in ancient cultures. There are gold pharaoh warmers, temple cat designs, and many products that are influenced by Native American art.

For people who want something a bit more modern, there are warmers that feature dolphins, turtles, and several other animals. There are also monochromatic ceramic products that will blend easily with any type of decor. Price varies depending on the style, but it is possible to find oil warmers for under $5. However, many of the finest products are closer to $20.

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